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In Gaza, it's a big deal to be a Hafiz of Qur'an. You're likely to be an orphan. You're likely to have nothing to eat. You're likely to be handicapped too. Iyad is one of these children. Despite his conditions, he memorised the Qur'ān in just 20 days!

I came across this recently.

I know of someone who memorised the Qur'an in just 30 days! When I heard about this young boy who did it in just 20 days I was shocked. This is some real good inspiration.

'Abu Shamala paid tribute to one handicapped orphan who he said epitomised the determination some Gazan youth had to complete the memorisation.

"I remember there was a child called Iyad, an orphan who was so dedicated that he arrived at the Masjid at 2am daily, 2 hours before the programme formally began. He literally used to open the Masjid." Shamala said Iyad had consistently memorised 3-4 Juz daily, completing his Hifz in only 20 days.

The conditions in Gaza were such that "Wallahi sometimes they have no lunch, sometimes they have no tea, sometimes they have nothing. But Alhamdulillah, Allah is teaching us that not everything happen with money, but everything is by determination and Tawfeeq from Allah," he said.'

His survival was Qur'ān.

What's the Lesson?

It ain’t about how long it took him. It’s that Allah gives according to how much we put in.⁣ ⁣

Your effort is the variable (who wants to do it, we've made it easy, but you need to do your bit).⁣ ⁣Sometimes we wish to have something really bad but we never make an effort to get it. ⁣

We expect it the easy way. What Iyad had done was exceptional but it shows us what is possible with such dedication and determination. We do not know the details of what Iyad had to go through, nor will we apprehend it, the conditions in Gaza were so extreme that they have had nothing to eat. Their survival was the Qur’an.⁣

The story after this point continues.

Now you maintain it for life. ⁣

How beautiful.

I pray Allah gives us sincere and pure dedication to goodness.⁣ ⁣

May Allah bless Palestine!

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