Brain Tumour Didn't Stop Me Memorising Quran

Despite years of treatment for her brain tumour, Aminah saw no improvements.

The pain… the swelling… grew and grew…

Yet the belief and certainty she had grew stronger.

So much that she knew that Allāh will grant her goodness. So she began memorising the Qur’ān with the intent to do so before dying.

What happened next was incredible…

She memorised the entire Qur’ān in this state and her tumour recovered up to 70%!

Do not underestimate what you are capable of.

What Aminah says

I had a brain tumour, and the pain was terrible, and for four years there was no improvement despite treatment. But I had certainty in me that Allāh would not plague me except to grant me something great and forgive my sins.

I visited the doctor, my world darkened before my eyes, and my last treatment report did not bode well for me. I decided that I should memorise the Qur’ān, not with the intention of healing, but it was an intention to memorise it before death.

I began to memorise separate parts and I used to thank Allāh day and night until I memorised Surat Al-Baqarah …. and I felt the joy of forgetting my pains!!⁣

I would seek protection from Allāh against shaytān so that he would not defeat me, and I used to move a lot so that I would not succumb to the disease. I would pray and seek forgiveness.

As I hastened to memorise, there was an increase in headache pain, the swelling was getting bigger. As I was reciting in Surat Taha (“They are close on my tracks. And I have hastened to You, my Lord, so You will be pleased.” [20:84]). I burst into tears because soon I will die.

I would not stop memorising until Allāh grant me His Book so that he might forgive me. While I was in a conflict with sickness and shaytān, boredom was seeping into me a lot (as well as sleep), so I used to say that I will die! I want an intercessor! I want company in my grave!⁣

Then the day of my completion arrived, and I decided that I would not sleep before I finished the Qur’ān. And at last, I had the flags of Surat al-Naas… Ya Allāh… Finally, I arrived… I was born again! All praise and thanks to Allāh!

A few days later I went for follow-up tests, as I was preparing to receive catastrophe, there was an uproar in the examination room, the doctors gathered to follow up on the matter.

I prayed: O Allāh, reward me for my affliction and give me something better than it in exchange for it. And the greatest shock of my life came before me. The doctor said to me, “You have recovered by 70%!” Allāhu Akbar, I was the one who was hoping for only a 1% improvement! Allāh is Truthful (there is a cure for people).

Do not despair from the Mercy of Allāh! ⁣

This is an incredible story of faith, determination and the blessing of the Qur’ān. How many of us forget the greatness of what we have been given. Take the time out to spend some time with the Qur’ān and take inspiration from individuals like Aminah.

May Allāh grant us all success.

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