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9 Benefits You’ll See By Memorising The Quran

We all hear about the benefits in the hereafter, but what about today? A good and well-rounded ḥifẓ journey, in general, may lead to experiencing many benefits in this world too. I share this as a means of some motivation and to get you to think about things from different perspectives. Let’s take a look….

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How A University Student Memorised Qur’ān

A few years ago during the lockdown, I caught up with Hafiz Ziyad Asghar (UK) who recently memorised the Qur’an in 4 years. At the time he was in his final year at university while also studying the Islamic sciences. Here’s our discussion: How did your memorisation journey begin?  I started memorising when I was…

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Can You Memorise The Qur’ān On Your Own?

Do you need a teacher? Can you memorise the Qur’ān by yourself? These are questions that I am always asked. In this article, I want to share the answer. In 2020, I asked over 1000+ people if they were doing hifz with a teacher or not. The overwhelming majority at the time responded with a…


What Does It Mean To Be A Hafiz?

If you ask Google, it will tell you that a Hafiz is a “Muslim who knows the Koran by heart”. And that the origin of the word is Persian, from Arabic ḥāfiẓ ‘guardian’, from ḥāfiẓa ‘guard, know by heart’. The reality is that it means so much more. We can learn many lessons from the…

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My Advice To A Young Girl Memorising Qur’ān

“Become a millionaire!” Many of us when setting out in the noble pursuit of memorising the Qur’ān think deeply about the ‘why.’ I have explored this previously. I always ask those memorising to tell me why they want to memorise but they often struggle to answer. The younger they are the more they struggle. I will…

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How Gratitude Plays a Key Role in Your Hifz

Recently, I had an email from a university student who came across my work after having sought guidance through prayer. His email mentioned many things in detail and context. The bit I’m writing about today is in regard to intention, motivation, and desire for Qur’ān memorisation. The young student had highlighted his worry over whether…


Aged 85 years old and memorised the entire Qurʾān!

Incredible… Aged 85 years old, Hajjah Naima Wahbi memorised the entire Qurʾān! She can neither read or write. Visiting her local Mosque and seeing children recite and memorise, her desire grew stronger for the Qurʾān. She said, “I struggled and memorised the Qurʾān. I used to watch those already memorising and was embarrassed to recite…

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How To Memorise The Qur’ān During University

True story bro. I was memorising the Qur’ān during school and college. The journey didn’t end there. I shared my experiences in the book, The Promise of Ten. Recently I’ve had lots of questions from students in email and Facebook. “How can I memorise the Qur’ān in my final 2 years at University?” “How can…