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Quran Trace calls itself "Innovative, dynamic, and faith-inspired" and "the world’s leading authenticated traceable Quran in the Uthmani script".

The Quran Trace is the entire Quran in a 15-line traceable format, that 'facilitates for a unique combination of visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic/tactile learning styles'. But is it just an unnecessary gimmick designed to play with your purchase impulses?

Although my experience with Quran Trace has been brief, I'm excited to share my initial impressions with you. I've previously introduced the concept of traceable Qurans, but I've never experienced one of them before. With various versions available worldwide, it can be challenging to navigate your options. That's where I come in.

I aim to consolidate all the necessary information and make this the only thing you need to read about the Quran Trace. Ultimately, I hope to help you decide whether it's a worthwhile addition to your Quran memorisation journey.

Unpacking Quran Trace: Design, Format, and Features

Quran Trace

When delving into Quran Trace, the first thing that strikes you is its quality. You can tell that it's been a meticulously crafted work designed to give you the best experience. The 15-line traceable format stands out, offering a unique blend of visual clarity and tactile engagement. This format isn't merely for aesthetics; it serves a purpose.

Design Elegance Meets Functionality

I have the Black version, the White version, as well as the Juz Amma Trace with the fine liner pens. All of them are high quality and are designed effectively. Nice and simple, to the point. Overall, a wonderful job.

The Uthmani script, known for its beauty and precision, is rendered in a traceable manner in Quran Trace. This choice is intentional, bridging traditional elegance with modern learning techniques. I've previously spoken about the benefits of writing that explain what writing has to offer.

The script used by Quran Trace with the size, line spacing, and clarity is optimised for ease of tracing, ensuring that users can follow along without strain. Though, I would agree that the text might be too faint or too small for those who struggle with vision or writing. This is something I have seen in reviews as well.

Though, I believe using this beautiful tool and having your handwriting inside, definitely makes you feel proud and provides you with a boost.

Features That Foster Engagement and Memorisation

Key features of Quran Trace include:

  • Traceable Text: Each ayah is designed to be traceable, encouraging active participation in the learning process.
  • Quality Paper: The high-quality paper ensures durability and a smooth tracing experience, accommodating repeated use.
  • Writing Guidelines: They've included the guidelines required for the writing process, which is great.
  • 10 Etiquettes: Inspired by Imam al-Qurtubi, Quran Trace also mentions the manners that are required of you as you go about using Quran Trace.
  • Quran Completion Du'a: At the end, there is a du'ā in Arabic for when you complete the text which is a collection of 7 different prayers.
  • Highlighting the Hizb: The pages also highlight the Hizb number in the margins.

These are the key features of the text. But I'd give my brother Ilyas some suggestions here on what they're missing:

  • Practice Writing: It would be helpful to have extra pages just for writing practice. Even better would be an advanced version of the Mushaf, where it's not tracing, but more like the Qur'ān by Hand (بيدي رسمت حروفه وكتبت وكلماته). This would be more beneficial for those memorising.
  • Annotations and Margins: A thoughtfully placed space for annotations in the margins would provide space for notes, reflections, transliteration, or corrections making this an invaluable resource for learners at any stage of their memorisation journey. Think Quran journaling meets Quran tracing.
  • Supplementary Online Resources: Access to online resources would complement the physical Quran, offering audio recitations, translations, and memorisation aids that align with the traceable format. Lessons in writing, etc. This would be cool.
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: In keeping with ethical standards, Quran Trace could be presented in more eco-friendly packaging, reflecting a commitment to sustainability alongside educational value.
  • Indo-Pak Script: Also, perhaps consider a non-Uthmani version for the many that use other types of script.

The Benefits of Writing the Quran

Quran Trace mentions 6 benefits of writing the Quran. Let's see what they say:

Master Your Arabic Reading, Writing, and Pronunciation

Through the act of tracing, you immerse yourself in the beauty of the script, enhancing your understanding of its nuances. This method not only improves your handwriting but also bolsters your reading abilities and pronunciation, offering a rich, immersive learning experience that aligns with the Quranic injunction to embrace knowledge through the pen.

Accelerate Your Arabic Comprehension

Tracing the Quran's verses solidifies your grasp of grammar and vocabulary, embedding sentence structures and language patterns into your memory. This hands-on engagement deepens your understanding and appreciation of the divine language, paving the way for fluency.

Consolidate Your Memorisation

Embracing the tradition of writing for memorisation, Quran Trace connects you to a timeless practice celebrated in Islamic scholarship. This method, backed by scientific research, enhances memorisation through the tactile act of writing, engaging multiple brain areas to strengthen memory recall and retention. It's a proven approach that enriches your Hifz journey, making each verse a part of your lasting memory.

Revive the Islamic Tradition of Penmanship

By tracing the Quran in the elegant naskh style, you connect with centuries of Islamic tradition, enhancing your artistic skills while engaging deeply with the sacred text. It's a journey that celebrates the aesthetic beauty of the Quran, inviting both novices and seasoned calligraphers to explore their creative expressions.

Connect With Allah

At its heart, Quran Trace is a spiritual retreat. Tracing the Quran slows you down, allowing you to reflect deeply on Allah's words. It's a meditative practice that fosters a profound connection with the divine, enriching your faith and understanding. Each letter traced is a step closer to Allah, multiplying in rewards and serving as a testament to your efforts.

Cultivate Positive, Quran-Centred Lifestyle Habits

Incorporating Quran Trace into your daily routine offers more than just spiritual benefits; it promotes a Quran-centred lifestyle that nurtures your mental well-being. It's an exercise in mindfulness, enhancing your concentration, patience, and focus. This simple act of writing becomes a sanctuary of calm, helping you cultivate a balanced, serene lifestyle amidst the chaos of modern life.

Quran Trace

This is indeed a beneficial practice.

It can be meditative, and contemplative, connecting you to the past, consolidating your Hifz, and improving your writing skills. But a lot of these benefits, such as Arabic comprehension cannot be realised unless you use the writing with that purpose in mind. As in, the practice of tracing is done actively, not passively. It is done with purpose. It is done with a plan in mind. It cannot happen with mere writing itself.

But tracing itself has several benefits including:

  • Fine Motor Skills Development: Tracing helps in the development of fine motor skills, which are essential for writing and other activities that require controlled movements.
  • Spatial Awareness and Concentration: Tracing can improve spatial awareness and concentration, as it requires focus and attention to detail. Tracing activities have been found to improve the accuracy and retention of learned material, particularly in the context of handwriting and pattern reproduction. For example, tracing was shown to result in better shape and dimensional accuracy compared to copying, with these benefits persisting over time (Gonzalez et al., 2011). This is perhaps the greatest benefit for modern-day students who have focus issues.
  • Confidence and Creativity: It can boost children's confidence and sense of accomplishment as they see their progress, and it also fosters creativity.
  • Handwriting Improvement: Research has shown that tracing can improve handwriting by helping children recognise the shape, size, and formation of letters.

While tracing can be beneficial for young learners, some experts argue that excessive reliance on tracing activities may not be necessary once children have developed basic writing skills. Therefore, it's important to balance tracing with other writing activities to support overall writing development.

The Final Take on Quran Trace's Value

You know exactly what I'm going to say. Is it a gimmick? No. Does it have value? Is it worth it?


Its value extends across multiple dimensions. Quran Trace is not merely a product; it's a comprehensive experience that facilitates a deeper, more intimate engagement with the Quran. Quran Trace is more than worth the investment for those seeking to enhance their Quran memorisation experience.

In an age where digital distractions are omnipresent, Quran Trace offers a tangible, meaningful way to engage with the Quran. It invites you to slow down, immerse yourself in the beauty of the Quran, and transform your journey into one of personal growth and spiritual fulfillment. Whether you're looking to improve your memorisation, or deepen your connection with the Quran, Quran Trace is an investment in your deen, your mind, and your soul.

May Allāh grant acceptance, assistance, and blessings in our efforts.

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