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In the early 2000s, Qāri' Mubashir developed a deep interest in the discipline of Qur'ān memorisation. Having experienced a difficult journey himself, he wanted to create something that served his needs. A platform that he wished existed but never was. Something to keep him motivated, inspired, connected, and in servitude of the Book of Allāh.

'How To Memorise The Quran' was born in 2013/2014 as a place where he could share his knowledge and experiences so that you can achieve your Qur'ān goals. Qāri' has spent time the last 20 years experimenting with ideas and formulating thoughts. Researching methods for memorisation and review. Finding ḥifẓ stories, experiences, and deep-diving into various topics.

How To Memorise The Quran is where it's all at.

A platform to cover everything that a ḥifẓ teacher and student would need at every stage of their journey. Qāri' has always taught that anyone can memorise if they choose to do so. And with the right foundations, conditions, methods, strategies, and mindset they can succeed.

On this site, we build physical and digital experiences for those memorising the Qur’an with an opportunity to learn explore the best advice, methods, strategies, stories, and tools to help us study, memorise, review, and teach the Quran with true connection, love, and excellence.


Over his journey, Qāri' had many several teachers on a local and international level. While only a student, he also experienced teaching. He noticed he was getting the same questions asked of him everywhere he went.

The trigger for How To Memorise The Qur'an was in Cairo, Egypt. Qāri' was being asked by students of al-Azhar University about how they should memorise. Students from across the globe. There was a need for something that reached these students in English. There wasn't much at the time.

So Qāri' decided when he returned to the UK, he will start to document his journey and research. Qāri' himself experienced memorisation at every level. Whether at madrasah with local teachers or by himself. Whether that was full-time with teachers or alone in Cairo or juggling other studies. He memorised throughout high school, college, university, young life, and adult life.

With his research and experience, the journey began.

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About Qāri' Mubashir

Qāri' has been teaching Qur'ān, Hifẓ, Tajwid, Arabic, and Islamic Studies in one way or another for 16+ years. He resides and teaches in Manchester, England where he also graduated in Law and studied the Islamic Sciences gaining Ijāzah in various Islamic sciences, disciplines, and texts. He completed Qur'ān memorisation in Cairo, Egypt (2006) where he was authorised in recitation. Spending time with the likes of Shaykh al-Qāri’ Ahmad Muḥammad ‘Āmir (May Allah grant him mercy), Shaykh al-Qāri ‘Abdul Rāziq Ṭahā ‘Ali al-Salkāwī, and Shaykh al-Qāri' Yunus b. 'Abd al-Ghanī al-Ghalbān from whom he was authorised with the worlds shortest chains.

Qāri' has dedicated much of his time to his educational, social, business, and charitable projects.