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If you’re alone you should connect with others who are memorising and on their journey with the Qur’ān. People that are committed to being accountable, productive, and consistent. So I’ve created support groups to help independent memorisers like you (and those who already have) to break free of the shame and anxiety caused by chronic procrastination, and to enjoy the same benefits of accountability together.

Qāri’ wants to help the aspiring ḥāfiẓ (and ḥāfiẓa), and every ḥuffāẓ to achieve their Qur’ān goals by unlocking the power of psychology, technology and the human spirit. We can do this by improving the way we’re memorising and reviewing Qur’ān together.

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Note: For the WhatsApp groups, please introduce yourselves (location, stage of memorisation, your needs etc). Slack entry requires requests. Though it has been inactive in recent years, it can be revived with new members. Read about the best practices learn more about Hifz buddies.