Quran Memorisation Hifz Tester

Quran Memorisation (Hifz) Tester

Quran Memorisation Tester

Embarking on the beautiful journey of memorising the Qur’an? Or perhaps you’re already on this path and wish to gauge how well you’ve retained the verses? This Quran Memorisation Tester is here to support you! Whether you’re a student revisiting the verses you’ve committed to memory or a teacher keen on assessing your students’ progress, this tool is tailored for you. And for those looking to add a fun twist, why not turn it into a friendly competition among peers or students?

How to use:
1. Select the Surah you’re focusing on.
2. Choose the type of question.
3. Hit the ‘Generate Question’ button.
4. Ponder, reflect, and recall!
5. To check your response, press ‘Reveal Answer’.
6. Keen for another challenge? Simply press ‘Generate Question’ again!

Thank you for using the tester.

Any issues or feedback let me know.

Save it as an app:

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