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12 Reasons That Make You Forget Sabak

This is a non-exhaustive list of some common reasons (in my experience) why you might be forgetting after having memorised a new portion of the Qur’ān.⁣First things first, know that you’re not broken if you keep forgetting! Memorising the Qur’ān requires lots of repetition and patience. You are building something. You cannot build without resistance….

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Can You Memorise The Qur’ān On Your Own?

Do you need a teacher? Can you memorise the Qur’ān by yourself? These are questions that I am always asked. In this article, I want to share the answer. In 2020, I asked over 1000+ people if they were doing hifz with a teacher or not. The overwhelming majority at the time responded with a…


What Does It Mean To Be A Hafiz?

If you ask Google, it will tell you that a Hafiz is a “Muslim who knows the Koran by heart”. And that the origin of the word is Persian, from Arabic ḥāfiẓ ‘guardian’, from ḥāfiẓa ‘guard, know by heart’. The reality is that it means so much more. We can learn many lessons from the…

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A Beginners Guide To Ḥifẓ Revision Methods

This might just be the most important guide you read. There are a lot of words that are used to describe the process of recalling our memorisation. So let’s start with understanding them. Review, revision, or recall? You will notice that I use all of these different terms across my work. Recall is when you…


A Beginners Guide To Memorizing the Qur’ān (Ḥifẓ)

As a beginner, you can be overwhelmed. You don’t know how to start and have so many questions. So here’s a quick starters guide for anyone thinking of starting their memorisation journey. Words used for memorisation The word used is Ḥifẓ (حفظ), also transliterated as Hifdh, Hifth, Hifzh or other ways. The word used for…


Why You Are Revising The Wrong Way

This article comes at a time where I’m feeling annoyed. I’m not good like that because my students have to listen to my rants. Annoyed at something that I keep seeing time and time again. Way too many of you are making this mistake. Too many of you are ‘lazy’ about your Hifdh revision. What…


How To Dominate Your Hifdh Revision

With Ramadan around the corner, many Huffadh get back into a revision routine. Others make plans, but nothing comes to fruition. I’ve had many people asking me to write about revision so here are some methods to help you