You Don't Need To Memorise A Page of the Quran Every Day

There are a lot of Qur’ān memorisation methods that are based on memorising one page on a daily basis. You don’t have to do that.

You should try to memorise whatever you can as best you can with regularity. Don’t be sad if you can’t do what someone else is doing. You’re still doing a wonderful job. The gift of having a daily relationship with the Qur’ān is what you want.

That is priceless.

Memorise as much as you can

You can memorise as little as a single line a day or a line every three days. The best of those that have memorised the Qur’ān are those that memorised it over many many years. Imagine the rewards they have accumulated over all those years of struggle.

Why can’t I achieve that? Why is it a page? What’s wrong with me? Am I doing something wrong? Am I being [fill in the blank]? Those are the questions that go through your mind when you read a story or about a method and wonder how they all do it.

You get hit and start to become overwhelmed by thoughts.

You then want to leave everything saying, ‘It’s just better that I avoid this!’

These are nafs-traps. Traps of the ego and shaytān. You are looking at the outside world to determine your own making. Look inside-out instead.

If you cannot do a page today or tomorrow, that’s perfectly ok.

Be yourself.

If you’re running a race and find someone else is running a few more kilometres than you, would you cram in more kilometres? It probably won’t be a great idea, would it?

Understanding yourself is the best thing you can do. Nourish and expand upon your strengths, not dilute yourself because of someone else.

Believe me. You are on a beautiful path and practice. You’re not beneath anyone else. You’re doing a great job. May Allāh bless you with more.

Having mentioned this, I want to share another Hifz method with you.

Method for memorising the Quran within 5 to 7 years

Ideally using the 15-lined Mus’haf, the following method can be used to memorise efficiently within 5 to 7 years.

Step one

Say you begin on a Friday. Take out enough time to recite a page at least 20 times by looking (as in saying the page, a single side). Do this between Maghrib and ‘Ishā’.

You’re going to study this page for the next 3 days. As in you will aim to memorise a page every 3 days. Study means, you listen to it, recite it, and gain a basic understanding of the meanings.

Step two

The next day, in this example, a Saturday, give yourself at least an hour in the morning to start memorising the first 5 lines of the page. Get it checked or self-checked (by recording and listening) 3 times. Throughout the day repeat the 5 lines as many times as possible (15+ times).

Step three

On the same day, repeat the 5 lines at least 10 times between Maghrib and ‘Ishā’. If possible, start to memorise the next 5 lines in the same way you did the first 5.

Step four

The next morning, revise what you memorised (1-10 lines) at least 20 times. Make sure you know them well off memory at least perfectly 3 times. Throughout the day revise the 1-10 lines whenever possible at least 15 times. Then later between Maghrib and ‘Ishā’, memorise the next 5 lines. Congratulations, you have now completed a page.

Step five

The next morning, make sure you know the page by revising it throughout the day. From maghrib, begin the same process with page 2 till Thursday evening. Then review the 2 pages by Friday.

Step six

When you reach the month mark, you’ll have done at least 8 pages. That’s 2 pages a week. Each page you memorise you’ll recite daily at least once for the next 30 days.

After 30 days, you can drop the oldest page and take the latest page for daily revision. In this way, you’ll have 8 pages to review daily.

Step seven

The page you dropped after 30 days of revision, can be considered an old revision. Recite it when walking, travelling, during work, or salāh, or free time. Allocate a specific time for it daily.

Step eight

Eventually, you’ll reach a Juz’ and more, keep revising at least 1 Juz’ daily.

This method can take up to 2 hours a day. You can adjust it and change it to a system that works around your needs.

A glance at the method through a timetable


Recite a page 20 times between Maghrib and ‘Ishā’.


Memorise the first 5 lines. Check 3 times first. Then repeat throughout the day. Repeat 10 times between Maghrib and ‘Ishā’. Do the next 5 lines.


In the morning, revise everything you memorised (1-10 lines) at least 20 times. Revise throughout the day. Between Maghrib and ‘Ishā’ memorise the next five lines.

[Page complete]


Review the page in the morning and now start the same process with the new page. So by the end of today, you should have repeated the new page 20 times.


You will learn the first 5 lines and repetitions, just like you did on Saturday.


The next 5 lines and repetitions, just like you did on Sunday.


The next 5 lines and repetitions, just like you did on Monday.

[Page complete]

Give it a try. May Allāh grant ease!

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