Memorisation of the Qur’an for adults

The following is the story and advice of Dr. Mohamed Sabbahi (PhD, PT), a professor in Neuroscience, Electrodiagnosis & Physical Therapy at Texas Woman’s University (TWU), Houston, Texas.

Dr Sabbahi began memorising at the age of 55 years and it took him 5.5 years to complete in 2007. Prior to serious memorisation, he had been memorising on and off. Until one day, a Shaykh at his Masjid asked for committment to memorise the Qur’an after Ramadan.

Five people commited to this and they completed memorising Surah al-Baqarah and began Surah Al-’Imran. Dr Sabbahi then continued.

The following is his advice and presentation on:

  • The historical steps of delving into Hifdh al-Qur’an
  • Learning methods and how they can be used to memorise the Qur’an
  • The difference between the memorisation strategies used by young people and older people
  • Charting a plan
  • Behaviour qualities required to memorise



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