A Poem On How To Memorise The Quran

In a beautiful poem, Shaykh Muhammad Abul-Hassan al-Kurdī gathers advice on how to memorise the Qur'ān, its conditions, etiquettes and how to revise it.

It is known as the "Qalā'id al-'Iqyān" which can be translated as The Golden Necklaces or The Golden Pendant.

Here's the poem with a rough English translation:


الحمدُ للهِ الذي أغناني
وأعزَّني بتلاوة القرآنِ
(Ultimate) Praise belongs to Allāh Who enriched me
And honoured me with the recitation of the Qur'ān

ثم الصّلاةُ على النّبيّ المصطفى
خيرِ البرايا مِنْ بَني عدنانِ
Then may salutations be upon the Chosen Prophet
Best of creation from the children of 'Adnān

هذا وبعد فهذه أطروحة
شعرية تحكي عقود جمان
Thereafter, this is a composition
Of poetry relating covenants (advice) of pearls

أعددتها لمن ابتغى آي الهدى
ونظمتها للطالب الولهان
I prepared it for those who desire the signs (verses) of guidance
And organised it for disorientated students

أرجو الهي أن يمن فتكتمل
هذي القصيدة في أتم بيان
I ask my Lord that this poem be granted the fortune of completion
In the most complete eloquence (and clarity)

يا طالباً سُبُلَ النَّجاة وراغباً
حفظَ القرآن بلهْفةٍ وتَفَانِ
O you who seek the paths to salvation and desire
Memorisation of the Qur'ān with eagerness and devotion

إني أسوق موضحاً لك خطة
تبدو كمثل قلائد العقيانِ
I am presenting a clear plan for you
Looking like golden necklaces

تقرأ بها القرآن سَهلْاً ليناً
تنجو بها من آفة النسيانِ
With it, you'll recite the Qur'ān with delicate ease
With it, you'll be rescued from the trial of forgetfulness

أخْلِصْ لربّك وادْعُه ليثبِّتْك
ويزيلَ عنْكَ وساوِسَ الشَّيطانِ
Be sincere towards your Lord and supplicate to Him to make you firm
And removes from you the whispers of satan

ودَعِ الذنوب كبيرَها وصغيرَها
فالذنبُ يطفئ جذوة الأذهانِ
Let go of sins, big and small
For sin puts out the light of the minds

وعليك بالشيخ المؤيَّدِ بالسَّنَد
الحافظ الثقة الكريمِ الداني
And it is upon you to be with a Shaykh backed with a Sanad
A local trustworthy, noble Hāfiz

الزاهدِ الورعِ المضيئةِ حالُه
بمكارم ِالأخلاقِ والإيمانِ
The shining pious ascetic, whose state
Is with noble character and faith

لا تنقطعْ عن درس شيخك مرةً
واحذرْ من الإهمال والرَّوَغانِ
Do not miss a lesson of your Shaykh even once
And beware of carelessness and evasiveness

اذهبْ إليه ولو بحفظك آيةً
فالوصلُ يروي ظُلّة الظمآنِ
Go to him (your Shaykh) even if you memorised one verse
For connection waters the shelter of the thirsty

The Method

عقبَ الصلاة احفظْ ثلاثةَ أسطر
مع كلِّ فرضٍ لا تكنْ بالواني
Following prayer, memorise 3 lines
(Do this) With every Fard, do not be weak

مجموعُها هي عشرةٌ مع خمسةٍ
في كلّ يومٍ باسمٍ ريَّانِ
Its total is 15 lines
In each fair smiling day

مجموعها في ستة يا صاحبي
تسعون سطراً وُضِّحَتْ ببيانِ
Its total in 6 days, my companion
Is 19 lines, conveyed with clarity

في سابع الأيام راجعْ ما مضى
لتثبِّت المحفوظَ في رسخانِ
In the 7th day, revise the achieved
To make firm and consolidate it in your mind

إنْ شئتَ فاحفظْ خمسَ آياتٍ فقط
في كلِّ يومٍ طيِّبِ الأركانِ
If you wish, then memorise only 5 verses
In each day of good foundations

مجموعها خمسون مع مئةٍ إذاً
في كل شهرٍ يا أولي الحُسْبانِ
Its total then is 150 verses
In every month, O people of calculation


راجعْ و كرِّرْ ما حفِظْتَ بلا ملَلْ
واكتبْهُ مشروحاً ببعض معانِ
Revise and repeat what you memorised without boredom (annoyance)
And write it down explained with some meanings

راجعْ مع الأصحاب في وقت اللِّقا
والنُّصح للأخوات والإخوانِ
Revise with friends/companions in times of meeting
And advise the brothers and sisters

وقراءة في هاتفٍ لو آية
خيرٌ من البُطْلان والهذيانِ
And recitation via mobile even if it's a single verse
Is better than idleness and chit chat

واقرأ بوِرْدِك في قيامك بالدُّجى
فالليلُ فيه لطائفُ المنَّانِ
And recite what you've memorised in your prayers at night
For in the night there are distinctions (favours) of the Benefactor (Allāh)

في سائر الصلوات أيضا فاقرأٓنْ
واشكُرْ لربِّك واسعِ السُّلْطانِ
(Recite) in the rest of the prayers as well,
And be grateful to your Lord, Most Powerful

وانظرْ إلى الآياتِ إنَّ النظر
عَوْنٌ لنَقْشِ الذِّكْرِ في الأذهانِ
Look at the verses, for indeed, looking
Helps to engrave the Qur'ān in minds

Purification of the self

واحفظْ فؤادَك ما استطعت من الهوى
حتى يُضيء القلبُ بالقرآنِ
Protect your heart as much as you can from passion/desire
Until your heart is illuminated with the Qur'ān

وعليك بالمتشابهات فإنّها
عَوْنٌ لحفظ الذكر والتبيانِ
And pay attention to the similar verses
For they are an aid for the memory and comprehension

إنَّ التشابُهَ في القرآن كرامةٌ
للحافظ المتدبِّر اليقظانِ
For indeed, the similarities in the Qur'ān are a favour
For passionate pondering memoriser

وإذا نسيت الحفظ أو كثُر الخطأ
لا تيأسَنْ فذا من الشيطانِ
And when/if you forget (what you memorised) or err too much
Do not despair, for this is from satan

وإذا ختمْتَ فراجعَنْ في سبعةٍ
متأسياً بنبيك الإنسانِ
And when you have completed (memorisation), review in 7 days
following the example of your human prophet

وابرأْ من الشِّرْك الخَفيِّ وشرِّه
واطهَرْ من الأحقاد والأضغانِ
And heal yourself from hidden shirk (i.e. showing off) and its evil
And purify yourself from grudges and hatred/malice

لا تنتظرْ أبداً ثناءً من أحد
أو مأرَباً إذْ كلُّ شيءٍ فانِ
Never expect praise from anyone
Or material, for everything is doomed to fade

سِرْ خاشعاً والبَسْ ثياباً طيِّباً
متطيباً بالطِّيْبِ والرَّيْحانِ
Walk humbly and wear good clothes
Perfume yourself with myrrh/musk and basil

وخذِ السِّواكَ معَ القَرُنْفُل في فمِكَ
متنظِّفاً لحلاوةِ القرآنِ
And take the Siwāk with (dried) cloves in your mouth
Purified for the sweetness of the Qur'ān

ودَعِ القبائِحَ والرَّذائِلَ والمِرَا
لا تغْدُ في الأفعالِ كالصِّبْيانِ
Abandon detestable deeds, vices, and disputes
Don't fall into actions like children

ودَعِ القراءةَ في مكانٍ سيِّئٍ
كمَكانِ أهْلِ الفِسْقِ والعِصْيانِ
Leave reciting (the Qur'ān) in places of bad (and influence of bad)
Likes the places of the people immorality and disobedience

ودَعِ التَّسَوُّلَ بالقرآن وعِشْ بِه
رجُلاً كريمَ الطَّبْعِ غيرَ جَبَانِ
Leave (making) intermediation with the Qur'ān and (instead) live by it
(Be) a man (rajul), distinguished of temperament, not cowardly

واسْتغْنِ بالقُرْآنِ عنِ دُنْيا البَشَر
ثمَّ اسْتَعِنْ بالخالقِ الرَّحمـنِ
Suffice yourself with your Qur'ān from the world of humankind
Then seek the help of the Loving Merciful Creator

نزَلَ القرآن لتَعْمَلُوا قَومي به
لم يأتِ للزِّيناتِ والأحْزانِ
The Qur'ān was revealed so that you may act upon it
It did not come for decorations and sorrows

يا حامِلَ القرآنِ فاقرأ وارْتَقِ
رتِّلْ  فأنْتَ المُؤمِنُ الرَّبَّاني
O bearer of the Qur'ān! Recite and rise!
Recite, for your are the believer of the Lord

بلْ أنتَ خيْرُ النَّاسِ قالَ المصطفى
بحديثِه المرويّ عن عثمانِ
Rather, you are the best of people, so the Chosen one
In the narration reported by 'Uthmān

يا ربِّ عفْواً إنْ أسَأْتُ فإنَّني
عبْدٌ ضَعيفٌ يا إلهي فانِ
O my Lord, pardon me if I forgot, for I am
A weak mortal slave, O my Lord

ولئِنْ أصبْتُ فمِنْك وحْدَك خالقي
أنتَ الكريمُ و واسِعُ الغُفْرانِ
And if I get afflicted, You alone are my Creator
You are the most Gracious and the Most Forgiving

نَظَمَ الكلامَ محمَّدُ بنُ أبي الحسنْ
أكرِمْهُ يا ذا الفَضْلِ والإحسانِ
The poem was composed by Muhammad bin Abi al-Hasan
Honour him, O Possessor of Grace and Benevolence

ورِفاقَهُ في مجلسِ اقرأ وارتَقِ
اِغْفِرْ لهُمْ بِشَفَاعَةِ القُرْآنِ
And his companions in the gathering of "Recite and Rise"
Forgive them through the intercession of the Qur'ān

وكذاك كُلَّ مُرَتِّلٍ ومُعَلِّمٍ
أَغْدِقْ عليهم نِعْمَةَ الرِّضْوانِ
And likewise every recitor and teacher
Bestow upon them the grace of satisfaction

ثم الصلاة على النبي محمد
ما مر وقت في الورى وثواني
And salutation be upon the Prophet Muhammad,
At every moment and second of this creation.

Golden Advices For Quran Memorization - Poem

There is much we can learn from this poem.

Display gratitude when memorising the Qur'ān

Always praise and thank Allāh, then send prayers and blessings upon the beloved Prophet (ﷺ) before you begin.

You must possess strong qualities when doing Hifz

Understand and know that this is a means of salvation and as a seeker, you must have qualities including strong desire, will, and enthusiasm.

Be sincere in your Hifz

Be sincere for your Rabb. Seek His help that He strengthens you in your journey and that He protects you from the whispers of shaytān.

Be the best you can be as a Muslim

Improve daily. Strive to be the best you can be on a daily basis. This means you leave the city of sins. All things, small or big. This will keep you sharp.

A simple and easy Qur'ān memorisation method

Memorise 3 lines with each prayer for 6 days. Look at the lines with full focus. Review on the 7th day. Write them down too. Also, write your understanding of them. Review with friends. Listen to the ayat and revise them in prayers and in night prayers.


Allāh grant us!⁣⁣

Poem by Blind Shaykh - Golden Advices For Quran Memorization (with a poor translation)
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