Easy Quran Memorisation Method: The Principle of 5

Many of us want an easy way to memorise the Qur’ān but it often means that we either want to memorise Qur’ān in one month, two months, five months, or under a year. We want to memorise Qur’ān as fast as possible with the least amount of effort.

If you want fast and quick Qur’ān memorisation methods then this one isn’t what you’re looking for. But if you’re looking for something that is workable even if you’re working full-time, the following method has potential.

It’s based on the principle of 5.

There’s a popular saying amongst our teachers and it is a living reality in their lives. They always revise the Qur’ān in fives as they say, “Whoever recites five, never forgets” (Man Qara’a khams lam yans). The principle of 5 is a very important one in the memorisation of the Qur’ān based on the idea that the average number of verses revealed at a time were 5 āyāt. And whoever memorises 5 at a time will never forget the Qur’ān.

Although the following method doesn’t suggest that you to memorise 5 at a time, it recommends that you look at things in fives.

So you will:

  • memorise a set portion every 5 days
  • complete your Qur’ān memorisation in 5 years
  • try to build up to revise 5 Juz’ a day by the 5th year

Here’s the method

Think of the method having five levels, each level represents each year. This is how it works:

Year One

  1. Every week (5 days) you will memorise a quarter of a Juz’ (rub’). This quarter is based on the ‘Uthmānī script Qur’ān which has 8 quarters per Juz’ (compared to four in the non-‘Uthmānī Indo-Pak script). These quarters are typically 2-3 pages.
  2. You should aim to listen, repeat, and memorise the quarter throughout the week. Recite it in your prayers, before going to sleep, while commuting, and everywhere you can.
  3. For the remainder of the week (2 days), you will refine and master what you memorised in the week.

So you’re looking at memorising anything between half a page or less and you’ve memorised 2-3 pages between Monday and Friday. What would you do on Saturday and Sunday? You will revise everything and make it all solid.

By the end of year one, you will have memorised at least 6 Juz’ and that would be the aim for every year:

  • Year 1: 6 Juz’ (memorising a quarter every week)
  • Year 2: 12 Juz’ (memorising a quarter every week)
  • Year 3: 18 Juz’ (memorising a quarter every week)
  • Year 4: 24 Juz’ (memorising a quarter every week)
  • Year 5: 30 Juz’ (memorising a quarter every week)

Very doable isn’t it?

Memorising 120 pages every year across 260 working days is memorising 0.4 page per work day. How does that sound? Compare that to memorising a page or more and you find yourself struggling again and again.

This is a method that is designed to give you a strong and easier approach to memorisation. Think about it.

How would you revise?

Set aside an hour a day at minimum for revision, as you memorise more, add to the revision amount until you reach one Juz’. You should not pass a week without having revised the previous.

The idea in the first year is to revise one Juz’ a day. In the second year, you will revise two Juz’ a day. In the third year, you will revise three ajzā’ a day, and then four in the fourth year and finally five in the fifth year.

I pray this will be a useful guide for someone and be of benefit. It has helped many others before you and it may also help you, in shā’ Allāh.

Allāh grant blessing!

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