Strong Methods For Memorising The Quran Quickly

I have shared many methods already that suffice for anyone and how you can figure out which to use. I’ve shared the fastest ways to memorise the Qur’ān with realistic and effective methods that have worked for others.

Today I share a few others that are similar but have slight variations.

Is it possible to memorize the Qur’ān fast?

Here’s a method that uses the standard 10 times repetition but incorporates a way for you to not forget afterward:

  1. Begin by reciting the first verse 10 times with contemplation and focus.
  2. Then, repeat the verse quietly to yourself another 10 times in order to commit it to memory.
  3. After that, try repeating the verse 10 times without looking at it to test your recollection.
  4. Repeat this process with the second verse, and then read both the first and second verses together, linking them in your mind. Linking is important.
  5. Continue this process until you have completed a page or your portion.
  6. After finishing a page, take a break and then come back to it later (10-20 minutes), repeating the entire page 20 times with focus.
  7. After 6-10 hours have passed, come back to the page and repeat it to reinforce your memory.
  8. Then repeat it again after 24 hours, two to three times.

By following this method, you can effectively memorize the verses of the Qur’ān and ensure that you do not forget them in the future.

Another method but with more repetition

To effectively memorize new verses from the Qur’ān, it is important to follow a structured process that includes three stages: familiarisation, memorisation, and consolidation.

1. Familiarising stage

In the first stage, familiarisation, you should prepare for your memorisation the day before you need to know it by reciting the new verses several times, looking at the Qur’ān as you do so. Your goal is to become fluent and fast in reciting the verses without making mistakes. This can be done at end of class time or even an hour before you sit to learn. You may need to repeat the verses 20, 50, or even 100 times until you are able to recite them once from memory. Once you feel confident in your ability to recite the verses, you can close the mus’haf and move on to the next stage.

2. Memorising stage

In the second stage, memorisation, you should sit down and recite each line of the verses 10 times, both with and without looking at the Qur’ān. As you add new lines, you should connect them to the ones you have already memorised by reciting them from memory. Once you have learned all of the lines, you should repeat all of them 10 times from memory, and then practice disconnecting them by reciting the lines. For example, you might recite lines 1-10, then lines 2-10, then lines 3-10, and so on, until you have disconnected all of the lines.

3. Consolidation stage

Finally, in the consolidation stage, you should recite the verses 100 times to consolidate your memory of them. You can divide this practice into intervals throughout the day, such as 75 times in the morning and 25 times in the evening, to make it more manageable. Once you have completed this process, you should be able to recite the verses to your teacher with confidence.

Another approach: The 3-step method

  1. Read your target number of lines 40 times by looking
  2. Read each line by looking till you can read it by not looking and repeat 20 times off memory
  3. Recite all of it 40 times off memory

What if you struggle doing lines or verses? Memorise word by word

You can use chunking but here is a method you can try:

Once you read it and understand this method, it is simple to follow and also can be tweaked with more or fewer repetitions to fit your needs. Furthermore, some people find it hard to learn the Qur’ān line by line or chunk by chunk. This is therefore an ideal method for those who want smaller divisions. Eventually, the student can move on to doing more.

Here’s a word-for-word method

Using the example of 3 lines:

  1. Read all 3 lines 40 times by looking
  2. Take the 1st line and read the 1st word by looking till you know it then read it 10 times from memory
  3. Do the same for the 2nd word
  4. Connect the 1st and 2nd word by reading it from memory 10 times
  5. Read the next word by looking till you know it and recite 10 times off memory
  6. Connect words 2 and 3 by reading it 10 times off memory
  7. Then connect all the words by reading it 3 times off memory
  8. Repeat all the steps for all words in the line: new word=looking then 10x by memory + connect to previous word 10x + connect from beginning 3 times
  9. Once the verse/line is complete then repeat it 10 times by memory
  10. Repeat all steps for the other verses/lines
  11. Finally connect everything together (10 times by memory)

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