The 5x3 Method For Hifz Students Revising Quran

There are many ḥifẓ revision methods that I have already shared and I'm back with another. Your schedule and routine can go through wild changes. At times, you might not have the usual amount of time available. So it can be useful to be aware of different methods of revision, especially as a busy adult. You can adapt to different situations and use a different method where required.

The method I share today isn't complicated but is a method that has been used by hundreds of thousands of students. The method is a principle based on the idea of repeating five by three.

Take 10 pages at a time (half a juz')

These ten pages should be divided into sets of two pages. That means you will have a group of five with two pages each. You have to revise each set in a specific way as follows:

  1. Repeat the two pages per set three times - so the first two pages (3x), then the next two pages (3x), etc.
  2. The revision must be done without looking.
  3. When you recite for the first time, it should be done slowly (tarteel) and if there are mistakes, you may open the mus'haf.
  4. The second repetition should be done faster, at a medium pace (tadweer).
  5. The third repetition should be done faster, at a fast pace (hadr).
  6. Then recite all of the ten pages twice, thrice, or four times together.
  7. The next day, revise the next ten pages in the same way.
  8. Then move on to the next ten pages, again in the same way. However, you should revise the first ten pages again once or twice together.
  9. Carry on like this and take a day at the end of the week where you revise all three juz' (since you did ten pages a day) in one day.

With this method, you'll be revising three ajzā' a week, 12 ajzā' a month, and completing the Qur'ān every 2.5 months. That's nearly 5 complete repetitions of the Qur'ān in the year, but it would in reality be three times more.

You can divide a Juz' or whatever portion it is that you seek to revise in other ways too.

Revising 3 Juz' a day

The basic instruction for this method is that you ḥuffāẓ should recite at least 3 ajzā' of the Qur'ān daily. However, the majority of this should be done in nafl salāh to compel you to recite from memory, ensuring you don't forget it.

To make it easier, especially where there's weakness in the memorisation, or if reciting 3 ajzā' consecutively in a day is difficult, then you can recite on juz' at night or early in the morning and within the next 24 hours recite the same juz' twice more. If one juz' is difficult, then you may do half a juz', committing it to memory. Then during the next 24 hours, recite it five more times. A similar method can be adopted for a quarter of a juz' (rub') if required.

You can use the five-by-three method to do this by dividing the pages into a set of five. Each set would consist of twelve pages (based on the twenty pages per juz'). You may recite the twelve pages at five points during the day or divide them in a way that you are able to do. You may repeat every twelve pages two or three times.

That's the basic premise of this method. May Allāh make it easier for you.

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