A Story From Hifdh To Addiction

The brother memorised the Qur’ān at the age of 15 because his parents wanted him to do so. He would never have imagined what was about to follow…

He kept on top of his hifdh because his dad would ask about it. But when he went to university, life changed.

His routine with the Qur’ān vanished.

He met the wrong people and life became about getting a buzz.

It got worse. University was a wreck. Even dad had given up on him.

But where would we be without mum?

She never gave up on him. She said:

“I’m glad you made it home, another night where I know you haven’t died.”

The shame and hurt drove him away from his family. He cut off contact with everyone.

But then… He got a call one night. His mum was in hospital. She had cancer and kept asking for him.

He was 29 years old at this point. He was a drug addict but Allāh had other plans for him. Allāh wanted him to return. Allāh gave him a chance.

Mum said to him “I’m dying. I have cancer. What good was it by you memorising the Qur’ān. I need it the most today”.

She made him promise to seek help. He did. It took him 2 years to become drug-free. He was now there for his dad. Now he is reconnected to the Qur’ān, Hifdh is good and is teaching the Qur’ān. Alhamdulillāh!

What lesson do you take from this story?⁣ ⁣

This is an incredibly powerful journey and one that we really need to reflect upon.

We will read and listen to all kinds of journeys in pursuit of the memorisation of the Qur’ān. It is amazing how you can learn so much just by learning what each of us has done and has been through.

They are inspiring, they are motivational but they are also teachers.

As teachers and students, we need to apply lessons that we can derive from such experiences.⁣ We should also share stories like this because it gives hope and an example to others that have a similar experience. ⁣

May Allāh bless the mother of the Hāfiz and bless him further.

Never lose hope. The company you keep is important.

Your intentions are also foundational.

Reflect over this.

Allāh grant blessing!

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