Powerful Hifz Stories: Memorizing Quran On A Plane To Old Age

When you're memorising the Qur'ān, you need to tap into the Hifz stories and experiences of others. In this article, I share four amazing stories that give us an opportunity to reflect on what's possible and stories that will help motivate you in your journey.

1. How the hospital bed got me to start Hifz

This is a story from a medical student, who came from a family of doctors and dentists.

[My family] is not a religious family by any means. But I started my hifdh when I was studying medicine. During my placement year there was this patient who was moving his lips. The patient had an accident and lost lots of blood which caused some brain damage. But the patient was always reading something moving his lips. He said: "Since I'm getting better everyday I recite a portion of the Qur'ān. But how? And why? He smiled and pointed at his heart and said Allāh placed it in my heart and this is what protected me in the accident I had.

He had peace in his heart. He was so content. He had this belief that was so strong. He asked me, 'It must be very stressful being a doctor, how much Qur'ān do you get to recite? When he asked me that question I didn't know what to say. I was so embarrassed and I felt guilty.

What was my excuse? Here was a man in ICU reciting Qur'ān and then there was me. He asked me, "What's stopping you today (from reciting Qur'ān)? It's never too late!" From that day on my hifz journey started. I did a 6 months intensive tajweed course
and moved my way up to 7 Juz'.

If you really want something Allāh will make it easy for you.

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2. Becoming a Hāfiz at age 85

This is a story about determination and what happens when your intent maps your action. When tawfīq is in action. How anything and everything is possible.

At the age of 80, he entered the grand Masjid an-Nabawiyy and he went straight to the Qur'ān teacher saying with command, "I want to memorise!"

But the teacher responded saying, "My father, you're old in age, you cannot memorise, but you may sit with us and listen.

The 80-year-old man says, 'But I want to memorise'!

So the teacher says, "Go recite to him (over there)"

So the 80-year-old man says, "But I can't read, I need to learn how to read the letters."

So the teacher began teaching him the basics. The old man would listen to the letters and repeat them just like a child would. But where did this hard work get him?

Five years later, Allāh had blessed him with memorising the entire Qur'ān!

The teacher said: "When the love of obedience enters into the heart of a Muslim, every difficulty is overcome and made manageable for him. This old man was sent as an example for those younger. Allāh has made it easy for whom He pleases. So is there a competitor for this old man?"

Will you compete?

3. How an Imām was in for a surprise

This is another story that reminds us that age is no barrier.

An Imam used to lead the Tarāwīh prayers in a big masjid for 5 years. During the last 10 nights, it gets intense. It requires speed and focus from both the Imām and those listening.

Something happened...

He made a mistake! Then he made more mistakes the next night.

But there was someone other than the scholars that corrected him. They didn't catch on. Who was this person?

The Imām asked, "Who corrected me in such a smart way?"

They said, "Don't you know, it's the Judge!"

The Imām said, "Wait, he's not a shaykh?!"

Intrigued by this revelation, the Imām requested to meet with the judge. They finally got to meet and the Imām asked him:

"How old are you and what do you do?"

The judge said, "I am 58 and I am a court judge"

So the Imām asked him, "How were you able to keep up with me and correct me with just one word when I was reciting so fast? You must have memorised the Qur'ān when you were young right?"

Now, the Imām was in for a surprise.

The court judge says, "No, I only just memorised the Qur'ān three years ago. I was 55 years old!"

The Imām was shocked and said, "No way! I must know your story. There's no way you could have kept up with me!"

So the judge said, "I've always been busy with the legal world. I had to help make law but other judges were in Jeddah. When I was there, I decided to memorise the Qur'ān as I had time. I committed myself to a teacher and I did it! Then I recited the Qur'ān more than 50 times from memory. I now make a completion every week. Age is not a barrier!"

There's always a chance. Beautiful!

4. The man who memorised Qur'ān on a plane!

This man was the pilot. He memorised the entire Qur'ān on his job. He says, "One flight changed my life forever!"

There was a really strong turbulence. I feared for my life. I was scared for all the passengers. Panic took over.

Then one man started to recite Qur'ān loudly. Everyone went quiet. Everyone started to follow his lead. That moment I will never forget. As soon as the Qur'ān echoed throughout the aeroplane, the turbulence was getting slower and slower. For me that was enough, Alhamdulillāh we landed safely.

I made sujood to Allāh and as I set off to my hotel I thought 'I need to memorise some surahs"

So I started memorising from surah an-Naas. I loved it! As I would get plenty time in the aeroplane, I started to memorise there. Subhān'Allāh. Everydav I would read and i would tell Ahmad (a close friend) to test me. Our friendship even got stronger with Qur'ān. Subhān'Allāh! After 3 and half years I memorised the entire Qur'ān!

I then made intention to go to my local mosque and get the ustaad to listen to my hifdh. It wasn't always easy but I stayed consistent.

This is an inspiring story of a pilot who decided to memorise.⁣ It shows you how you're capable of anything.⁣ I know of people who memorised in a car too with far less time available to them.⁣

Take advantage of your time!⁣

Please share this with others to help inspire!⁣

May Allāh grant blessing in your own journey.

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