old 85 year old memorized quran


Aged 85 years old, Hajjah Naima Wahbi memorised the entire Qurʾān!

She can neither read or write. Visiting her local Mosque and seeing children recite and memorise, her desire grew stronger for the Qurʾān. She said, "I struggled and memorised the Qurʾān. I used to watch those already memorising and was embarrassed to recite in front of them."

She worked with the teacher at the Mosque and slowly began to memorise over the last 7 years. She would listen to the teacher and repeat regularly.

When asked about the secret to memorising the Qurʾān she said, "Your intention and will must be strong, faith in Allah, yourself, and your abilities. Have hunger for knowledge, even if I lived over 100 years, I will keep learning because I love knowledge."

For those who can't send their children to university, she said to teach them Qurʾān for this is that is the real university.

And for those revising, she said, "read a daily average of less than one part of two (جزء لاثنين) or as your ability permits."

She prays that one day she can make Hajj, and that our Lord bless us generously with the memorisation of the Qurʾān.

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