Suhaib Webb memorizing quran

People ask me what method I used to memorize the Quran.

I’ll answer this in two parts. The first addresses memorization. The second addresses review:

Teachers in al-Azhar used to say to me, “whoever memorizes five verses, rarely forgets them.”

So, when memorizing, start with five verses. I had a classmate who memorized four pages a day. Our teacher scolded him saying, “Who memorized everything in a day, forgets it all in one night!”

I learned how to review the Quran from Sh. Ahmed from Senegal: Use dhikr beads and read the five verses you memorized 100 times without making any mistakes, review the Quran at least once a year with a teacher, and review it during your night prayers.

“Praying at night is the zakat you owe as thankfulness for what God blessed you to memorize!”

If you know more than one way of reading, then review a different reading yearly, also. He would always remind me to make sure the knowledge was acquired for the right reasons. “If there is good in your heart, Allah will bless you to live what you’ve learned!”

Note: I use the tasbīh when memorizing lines of poetry, mutūn – primary texts, hadīth, poetry or any important quotes I wanted to remember reading each 100 times.

These methods will strengthen your memory and prepare you when you need to strengthen you faith. Imam Shafi said that memorized knowledge is a friend when you are alone.

Suhaib Webb

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