Become Better At Quran Memorization Using Qurans For Writing

Writing the Qur’ān as a means to help you memorise is really beneficial. As far back as 6 years ago, I used to tell students to get hold of a Qur’ān that could make it easier for you to do this. Books like the Qur’ān by Hand (بيدي رسمت حروفه وكتبت وكلماته) and others.

And today, I’m beginning to see more of them.

Quran By Hand

These are known as the traceable Qur’ān.

While others might just buy a notebook and do it themselves, these are great ways to learn to write as well.

I’ve had a look at what is now available globally and put them together for you here with my thoughts. Here are 6 of them.

1. Quran By Hand (Saudi Arabia)

I don’t believe this is available any longer but it was a brilliant piece of work. This was the complete Qur’ān but every page was blank canvas. You can find a single page on archive that is close to what it is like.

2. Mushaf Tulis (Indonesia)

There are many versions of this but these are one of the earlier ones I had seen where you could trace over the letters and words of the Qur’ān. You can find versions of this on Etsy and other stores online.

There’s also one called Quran Tulis.

3. Le saint Coran – j’écris mon Coran en arabe (France)

Available on Amazon, this is another one where you can fill in the letters with some training and divides into 30 books.

4. Wal Qalami Wa Ma Yasturūn (Pakistan)

Available online by Noor Publications. This one has a slightly different style in that the entire Qur’ān is already printed but in light tracing workbook style.

There’s also the Tracing Quran.

5. Traceable Quran (United Kingdom)

The Traceable Quran is not even a year old yet and is a new one on the market. It’s on sale at the time of writing and it’s also the full Qur’ān via a set of three!

Also check out the one by Ibadah London or the All-In-One.

Something for the children...

6. Colour Me In Surah & Surah Strips (United Kingdom)

Sister Anjum has been creating engaging Qur’ān resources for children and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her Surah Strips and Colour Me In Surah (Juz 28). I believe they are a great way to engage our children in an interesting, engaging and fun way with Qur’ān recitation and memorisation.

Available on Etsy.

May Allāh grant success!

If you know other copies that you would like to share then please let me know and I would be happy to share them!

There’s another one that I came across from the UK – Write The Quran – which is based on the Madina ‘Uthmani script.

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