The Shuffling Revision Method

Revision can be a great source of stress for those who struggle with time and have weaknesses.

Here are the things I hear:

  • So why can’t you just revise by looking? Surely if you do it enough with consistency, you’ll be fine (it’s possible).
  • I don’t have time to do it from memory. It’s too weak.
  • I try to recite from memory but I can’t do it all. So I end up reciting by looking. I just repeat it many times and then try without looking. I then correct my mistakes.
  • I learn fast and forget fast. I’d rather just read by looking to save time.

These are very real experiences. Your memorisation process is important in the short term. It should be strong but your revision is the most important part for the long term.

In this article, I share a method that finds a way to balance review with active reading through looking and without looking. You can shuffle between pages. You can determine a workable pattern.

It’s a way to approach revision where you have limited time and face particular difficult circumstances for a specified period. It’s a method I have recommended people use in these types of situations. They have found it to be a workable solution.

What is shuffling?

This is when you shift between lines, āyāt, pages/sides or surah when revising Qur’ān between looking and not looking (from memory).

This is a balanced way. It’s suited for those of you that struggle with time and need to make revision more approachable, where possible.

For example, you are revising a Juz’ (20 pages) –

  • on day one, you recite the odd pages by looking (1, 3, 5, 7 etc) and the rest of them without looking.
  • on day two, you recite the even pages without looking (1, 3, 5, 7 etc) and the rest of them by looking.

In this way, you shuffle or shift between whatever you have been memorising. This ensures that you can revise everything in a way where you get to recite everything by looking and without looking.

How many times can you do this? For how long?

You can repeat pages by looking 1-3 times but give more to those without looking (5-7 times).

You can do this method in situations where you’re really weak for a few months. In situations where you need to due to time constraints. Give it a try. May Allāh grant success!

May Allāh facilitate ease.

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