Memorizing Quran Resources
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A self-curated, hand-picked, cream of the crop list of awesomeness. You will definitely need a good one or two of these. I do!

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Qur’an Memorisation Tools

Tajwid & Recitation

  • The Jaamia Jazariyyah –  Teaching advanced Tajweed theory, Qur’anic sciences, and the ten Qira’at from classical Islamic texts made accessible through modern learning technique.
  • About Tajweed  – a pretty good resource with everything available to read up on.
  • Tajweed in English – a very good website full of lessons in both English and French.
  • Murshid al Qari – PDF Book 1, an excellent beginners book to the essential Tajwid rules. [free download]
  • A commentary on Tuhfat-ul-Atfal – PDF Book 2, another excellent publication for beginners in Tajwid. This is a translation and commentary on the poem “A gift to the children (beginner).” A text that is studied around the world. [free download]
  • A commentary on the Muqaddimah al-Jazariyyah – PDF book, this is an amazing effort and highly recommended to study as this is the standard text for the mastery of the theoretical side of Tajwid.
  • The Shatibiyyah – PDF Book, this is an introduction to Qira’at. This is for the more advanced students of recitation. Another excellent effort.

Arabic Language

Other things

  • NameCheap – this is where I have now moved to get my domains from. They’re great.

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