Introducing 3 New Quran Memorisation Tools

Bismillah. When one begins the pursuit of memorising the Qur'ān, they are not merely entering a journey of words and verses. It's a voyage of the heart, a profound commitment, a spiritual endeavour that, when coupled with sincere intention, becomes a path leading straight to Allāh. Yet, as any seasoned traveller would tell you, even the most soulful journeys benefit from the right tools and resources.

The Need for Memorisation Tools

Before diving into the tools, let's discuss why they are essential. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) highlighted the significance of the Qur'ān in our lives, and many of us are driven by the desire to embed it in our hearts. But modern life, with its endless distractions and commitments, often leaves us lost, struggling to find a consistent methodology.

Many of you email me, or DM me asking me to help you create a schedule, or a hifz plan, give you a method, and direct you in your struggles. So I saw the need to create something that may offer some help.

1. Quran Memorisation Planner

URL: Quran Memorisation Planner

A structured plan is instrumental in any substantial endeavour. With our busy lives, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. This planner helps break down the mammoth task of memorising the entire Qur'ān into bite-sized, achievable goals.

Every element is designed thoughtfully, keeping in mind the unique challenges faced by those on this path. From setting daily targets to tracking weekly progress, it provides a comprehensive overview, ensuring you never lose sight of where you started and where you're headed.

It's a work in progress, give it a try, and if anything is broken, let me know!

2. Quran Hifz Schedule Planner

URL: Quran Hifz Schedule Planner

Routines set the rhythm of our lives. The Quran Hifz Schedule Planner understands this principle and taps into it. It's not just about finding time but making time. This planner assists in seamlessly integrating the Qur'ān into your daily life.

The beauty of this tool lies in its flexibility. Whether you're looking to dedicate specific hours each day or weave in short sessions throughout the week, the planner moulds itself to your needs. Over time, you'll find that these planned sessions don't disrupt your routine but enrich it, bringing peace, reflection, and a sense of achievement.

The idea is to give you a plan that is broken day, day by day. It's similar to the first tool but it provides a full schedule. Again, it's a work in progress, give it a try, and if anything is broken, let me know!

3. Quran Memorisation (Hifz) Tester

URL: Quran Memorization Tester

This is perhaps the most unique. While the first two tools are about planning and consistency, the Quran Memorisation Tester is about reinforcement. This engaging tool tests your retention and understanding, providing a platform to gauge your progress.

But it's not a test in the conventional sense. Each session becomes an opportunity to revisit the verses, reaffirming their place in your heart and mind. The diverse questions challenge you, nudging you to approach the verses from different angles, making the process dynamic and insightful.

This is more than a quiz. It provides you with random questions for you to answer to test yourself or your students. Again, it's a work in progress, give it a try, and if anything is broken, let me know!

4. Hifz Motivation Generator

URL: Quran Memorisation (Hifz) Motivation Support

Memorisation is as much about the heart as it is about the mind. Recognising this, I've developed the Hifz Motivation Generator. This tool serves as a spiritual cheerleader, offering motivational quotes, uplifting videos, and practical tips. It's tailored to uplift your spirits and reignite your passion, especially during those challenging moments in your memorisation journey.

5. Mutashabihat Hifz Tester

URL: Mutashabihat Hifz Tester

The Mutashabihat Hifz Tester is a cutting-edge tool designed to enhance your understanding and memorisation of similar verses in the Qur'ān. This tool is a game-changer, especially for mastering the intricacies of Mutashabihat verses. It's not just a tester; it's a learning companion guiding you through the nuances of the Qur'ān.

Embarking on the Journey with Renewed Vigour

As you journey through the verses of the Qur'ān, it's natural to face moments of doubt, fatigue, or even complacency. These tools are designed to rejuvenate your spirit during such times. They act as silent cheerleaders, urging you forward, reminding you of your purpose, and celebrating your milestones, big or small.

Moreover, these tools are built with the understanding that everyone's journey is unique. There's no one-size-fits-all in the world of Hifz. Some may gallop through pages, while others may prefer a slow, reflective pace. And that's okay. These tools honour your individuality, ensuring that the essence of your journey remains untouched.

A Symphony of Faith, Commitment, and Technology

The journey of memorising the Qur'ān is a symphony of faith, diligence, and perseverance. These tools, designed with utmost care and passion, seek to harmonise this symphony. They are a bridge between tradition and technology, emphasising that while our goals are timeless, our methods can evolve.

I have already received feedback from teachers who particularly appreciate the tester. One teacher said they would use it with the class as a group to create a fun and engaging session. They will also use the planners with parents so that they can see how far their kids are and what to expect.

Although there may be some things to iron out with calculations, it's headed in the right direction. I invite you to explore these tools and share them.

As you progress, may every verse become a beacon of light in your life, guiding, inspiring, and elevating you closer to Allāh. Ameen.

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