When Will I Finish Quran?

Quran Khatam Calculator

Quran Khatam Calculator

This tool is designed to help you plan your Quran reading or memorization journey. Whether you aim to complete the Quran by reciting a certain number of lines, pages, or juz' daily, weekly, or monthly, this calculator will estimate when you will complete your Khatam based on your input.

How to use:

  1. Select the tab corresponding to your preferred unit of measurement (Lines, Pages, Juz').
  2. Choose the type of Quran you are using (13, 15, or 16 lined).
  3. Select how often you plan to read or memorize (daily, weekly, monthly).
  4. Enter the amount you aim to read or memorize per period.
  5. Click "Calculate" to see your estimated completion date.

Start planning your Quran journey today and track your progress with ease. May your efforts be blessed and fruitful, In shā' Allāh.

Thank you for using the Quran calculator.

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