Mutashabihat Hifz Tester

Mutashabihat Hifz Tester

Mutashabihat Hifz Tester

Explore and test yourself on the similar verses (Mutashābihāt) in the Qur'ān. Select one or more Surahs and specific verses to discover Mutashabihaat - the verses with similar meanings or words. I have intially made this tester based on open source data that only focuses on the most common Mutashabihaat that confuse Huffaz. Learn more.

How to use:
1. Select the Surahs you're interested in.
2. Optionally, specify a range of verses from the selected Surah(s).
3. Click 'Generate Question' to find Mutashabiha verses.
4. Reveal the answer and explore the similarities.

Note: You can select multiple Surahs.

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