Five A Day Method To Memorise Qur’an In 4 Years

This method is aimed at adults who want to memorise the Qur’ān. It can be adjusted to suit your needs. Share it within your circles and I hope that it will be of benefit.

The Five A Day Method For Hifz

Step One

Before you start, renew your intentions (daily). Make supplication for the Qur’ān to be placed within your heart. Return to Allāh in repentance. Make constant prayers upon the beloved Prophet (ﷺ).

Step Two

Stick to one copy of the Qur’ān. This is important to build not only for your relationship but also for visual memory. You can go with any copy, 12, 13, 15, or 16 lined copies.

Step Four

Fix a daily amount that you will be able to commit towards for memorisation. In this method, it will always be 5 āyāt or 5 sections of an āyah. This is fixed, at no time will you increase this.

Step Five

You will memorise one āyah after each salāh of the day or you can even do it before the salāh and review it in the salāh. If this is not possible, do it all in one session, but this is not preferred. How can this be achieved?

Step Six: The Memorisation Process

  1. Listen to the āyah a minimum of 5 times or more.
  2. Recite looking at the Mus’haf (copy of the Qur’ān) slowly a minimum of 5 times or more.
  3. Read the meanings and Tafseer (commentary) of the āyah. Understand it to a meaningful level.
  4. Start memorising it through repetition however many times you require. Figure out your number. How do you know? Look for when you’re fluent and able to recite it strongly.
  5. Repeat it without looking now in the same way. Look for fluency and pace. Make sure you can recite slow, medium, and fast without pause or struggle. Take a break if needed and come back to it.
  6. Do this at every session and then complete the five āyāt at ‘Ishā’ prayer.
  7. Two hours after ‘Ishā’ prayer, revisit all the five that you memorised together.
  8. Do this for six days.

Step Seven

On the seventh day, during your day off memorisation, review everything without looking. Do this once after every salāh.

Week Two: Continue and Revise

Now you will do the same in week two. But how will you revise it?

Your minimum revision cycle will be 10 days. In the second week, repeat everything from week one daily without looking at least once.

Week Three

Now alternate daily between weeks one and two. So Monday revise week one, Tuesday revise week two.

Do this until you finish your 1st Juz’. When you finish your first Juz’, start to revise the full juz’ at the start or end of the day.

When you have done 2 Juz’, alternate between the Juz’ daily.

When you have done 3 ajzā’, stick to revising all 3 daily either in one sitting or in 3 sittings with salāh.

Revision should be done without looking as much as possible.

This entire method of doing 5 a day should take you up to 4 years to complete the Qur’ān.

May Allāh facilitate ease and blessing.

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