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25 Methods You Can Use To Memorise The Qur’an

Written in 2015. Introduction. 25 Methods You Can Use To Memorise The Qur’an gathers practical methods in a quick and easy way for you to get started with your memorisation or further improve upon it. In the text, Qari Mubashir translates and commentates upon the work of Dr Yahya bin ‘Abd al Razzaq al-Ghawthani sharing insights […] More


How To Memorise The Quran During University

True story bro. I was memorising the Qur’an during school and college. The journey didn’t end there. I shared my experiences in the book, The Promise of Ten. Recently I’ve had lots of questions from students in email and Facebook. “How can I memorise the Qur’an in my final 2 years at University?” “How can […] More


How I Memorized the Quran In Three Stages

“Isra Migdad born and raised in Gaza is a blogger who shares her dairy and experiences. Two majors in her life are entrepreneurship and Qur’anic sciences. She spends most of her time researching, understanding and applying both of these fields in her life. The following is her story she shares in her pursuits to completing […] More