Male Teacher (Uganda)

Website Birungo Hussein

I am a Ugandan, able to use English, local language Luganda, and Arabic as long as its fusha at an intermediate level. Memorised Quran and have an ijaazah in the Qira’ah of Asim. I am the founder of SomaQuranLuganda on YouTube, TikTok and Facebook.

Method of teaching – Google meet, whatsApp and zoom

Students taken – Kids and adults are all welcome, I teach any gender.

I have ijaazah though provide it with students who are and have become efficient as per my standard in Sha Allah.

“He is a good teacher and teaches in an easy way to comprehend things” – Sofia Naki

I offer paid services and I have made a channel especially for our local language for free content in our local language and it’s fully detailed topics and practise.


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