Female Teacher (UK)

  • 1-on-1
  • Group Classes
  • London
  • Varies GBP / Hour

Website Khadijah Begum

Alimiyyah Graduate. English and Arabic. Long term Qira’ah studies. Teacher, tutor, course coordinator, pastoral care. Currently teaching Qira’ah/Tajweed, Arabic, misc. introductory islamic subjects for the public.

Zoom, Whatsapp, limited onsite classes in East London.

Females: Teens, adults.

Ijazah holder: Alimiyyah sand. Ijazah in Hafs, Shu’bah and Sab’ah Qira’aat.

Mostly 1:1, but both available.

Experience: 10 yrs

Fees varies depending on course.

To contact this teacher email khadijah-begum@hotmail.com.