Female Teach (US)

  • 1-on-1
  • Group Classes
  • USA
  • Varies USD / Hour

Haafidha, Alimiyyah graduate, pursuing Takhassus, hold Ijaza in Hafs an Asim, Ashara Sughra and Kubra. Currently teaching Arabic, Guided classical text reading, Tajweed and Quran recitation to Women and children online. Have also taught Fiqh to first year Alimiyyah students.

Been Teaching for 6+ yrs, kindly check my Insta profile for Testimonials from sisters I taught.

Group classes ; Private one to one tutoring.

Alimiyyah Sanad, Ijaza in Hafs and Ashara Sughra, Kubra. Ijaza in Books of Hadith.

Women and Children. Over Zoom.

Emailsalsabeelainjannah@gmail.com. As salsabeela_in on Instagram.

To apply for this please visit forms.gle.