How To Memorise Two Pages Of The Quran Daily

Memorising a page of the Qur’ān can be done in many ways as there are many methods that can be used to memorise any amount.

Generally, the same rules would apply when memorising any amount of pages: memorise each page the same way. For example, I’ve previously mentioned that you can memorise a page by:

  • using the chunking method
  • memorising line by line
  • memorising āyah by āyah
  • splitting the page into different sections (equals, halves, fives, by meaning, etc)
  • listening to the page
  • spreading the memorising across days
  • memorising it using a faster method
  • memorising a page of the Qur’ān in 30 minutes

There are many methods but here I’ll focus more on approaches you can take to tackle more than one page.

How long should it take to memorise a page of the Qur’ān?

Usually it can take anywhere between 1 to 4 hours to memorise a page well, sometimes less. So naturally memorising 2 pages or more would therefore require double the amount of time and effort. So memorising 2 pages might take 1 to 8 hours. This is why it’s usually those that are doing Hifdh full-time that get to memorise multiple number of pages. However, it is possible even when doing it part-time, to memorise 2 pages. I got to a level where I memorised a Juz’ in 9 days, part-time (2 hours after school).

However, the time it takes to memorise will vary person to person. The amount of time it takes you will also gradually improve over time. This is because over time, you begin to become accustomed to the vocabulary in the Qur’ān. You begin to become accustomed to your own strengths and understand what you need to do to memorise the portion. You begin to see patterns better when memorising and you begin to find portions easier where there are familiar words or phrases. Your memorisation skills also improve and all of this usually results in faster memorisation. This doesn’t mean you may never find it hard at times, those moments will come. I used to memorise only a few lines at the start within 2 hours! Gradually, only after several years, could I memorise a page or more. I went from memorising a page across 3 hours, down to 30 minutes.

Ultimately, the amount of time you spend is not the most important thing to worry about, it’s all about the quality of your memorisation and retention. As a general rule, whatever comes in faster, leaves faster, and whatever comes in slowly, stays longer. Not only have I experienced this but so have countless others.

How do you memorise 2 pages of the Qur’ān?

To memorise 2 pages, or more, you need to master memorising one page at a time. Then linking both pages (or more) together as you go along. You should never move on to a new page unless you know the first one properly. You should know each page well.

These are the basic, must know rules.

Memorise a page at a time

The first method is to memorise a page at a time across your day. So for instance, an easy way to do this is by scheduling things around the salāh. You can memorise a page after Fajr and then do another after ‘Asr. Then revise them and your previous memorisation after Maghrib or ‘Ishā’.

Memorise a section at a time

The second approach is to memorise sections of the pages at a time across your day. For example, you might divide the pages in halves and memorise in 4 sittings across your day. This allows you to memorise the pages with more spaced repetition. It can lead to better retention. As you do one sitting, in the next one, quickly review the the first sitting and then link it with the second sitting. In this way, you carry on in the next sittings.

Have a priming session followed by a memorisation session

A priming session can also apply to any amount you memorise. This is where you appoint a time in the day or night to become familiar with the portions you intend to memorise the next day or up to a week. This would involve you reciting the pages and listening to them.

For example, when I was able to first memorise a page or more, I had to do priming. Without it, I couldn’t have memorised a page or more. How did I do it?

I used to listen to the page using a PenMan Digital Quran that had a tiny LED screen with some audio. I’d put every āyah on a loop of 10 times and I would recite alongside the audio. I would then say the verse without the audio. So it was a process of memorising the verses incompletely. This is what I call priming. This is preparing your mind and getting it familiar with the verses. I’d do this right before going to sleep. This would then allow for those verses to settle in my mind in sleep. Then when waking up, I was able to memorise the page in 30 minutes. Later in the day, around 5pm, I would review it or memorise if if I hadn’t done in the morning.

The PenMan Digital Quran – it was revolutionary at the time!

Memorise the pages in one session

Alternatively, you can memorise all of your pages in one session. The older you are the more challenging this will be given a number of factors including time and fatigue. If you have no choice but to try and memorise the 2 pages in one session then you must do so at a time where you can memorise best. What is the best time to memorise the Qur’ān? It depends on a number of things but it must be a period of time that will allow you to comfortably memorise 2 pages.

These are amongst the main ways to tackle more than one page effectively.

Should you have other thoughts or questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

May Allāh grant blessing!

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