There are 78 āyāt in Surah ar-Rahmān. 31 of them are repeated. This repetition can cause some confusion. What verse comes next? How do you deal with this?

The challenge is to be able to recall the āyah before and after the repeated āyah:

فَبِأَىِّ ءَالَآءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ
Then which of your Lord’s favours will you both deny?
— Dr. Mustafa Khattab, the Clear Quran

Let’s take a look at some methods.

1. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

The most common method is to simply expose yourself to the verses again and again. Listen to them on repeat.

2. Using an Acronym

To create an acronym, take the first letters of each āyah to spell a real word or a made-up word. This is a method used a lot in Egypt where they made a 31-letter combination using the first letters of every āyah after the repeated āyah:

خِرْمِي وَكِيسِي يَفَّ فِيهِ وَذَفَّ … فَمُفَكَّهٌ وَمُفَفَّفٌ حَلُمَتْ

3. Pairing or Grouping

There are two methods you can use with this.

Group the āyāt by linking, by meaning, or by triggers

  • When you memorise them, memorise them in groups (especially according to the meanings and links between them).
  • Memorise the repeated āyah with the āyah/āyāt after it.
  • if you struggle with recalling any, create a trigger that helps you remember. This is done primarily through knowing what the verse means. So for example, the first repeated āyah comes with the creation of man and jinn. The second with the two: east and west. The third with the two seas and barrier etc.

Here’s a list for the entire surah:

Verse NumberStarts With?Talks About?
1Ar RahmanAllah’s Infinite Love/Mercy
3KhalaqaCreated Man
4AllamaSpeech and Eloquence
5Ash ShamsuSun & Moon
6WannajmuStars & Trees
7WassamaHeaven & its Balance
8Alla TatNo Transgressing & Balance
9Wa-aqee-mooJustice & Balance
10War ArdaEarth
11FeehaFruit and Palm Trees
12Wal-HabbuGrain & Scented Husk
13(Refrain) FabbiRemember Allah’s Favors
14KhalaqaCreated man from Clay
15WakhalaqaAnd jinn from smoke
16(Refrain) FabbiRemember Allah’s Favors
17RabbuTwo East & West
18(Refrain) FabbiRemember Allah’s Favors
19MarajaTwo Seas
20BaynahumaBarrier & No Transgression
21(Refrain) FabbiRemember Allah’s Favors
22YakhrujuPearl & Coral
23(Refrain) FabbiRemember Allah’s Favors
24WalahuShips, Seas, Mountains
25(Refrain) FabbiRemember Allah’s Favors
26Kullu ManEarth will perish
27Wa – YabqaOnly the face of Lord Remains
28(Refrain) FabbiRemember Allah’s Favors
29Yas – aluhuHeaven & Earth
30(Refrain) FabbiRemember Allah’s Favors
31Sanaf rughuAttending Jinn & Men
32(Refrain) FabbiRemember Allah’s Favors
33Ya Ma-SharaCannot Pass without Allah’s authority
34(Refrain) FabbiRemember Allah’s Favors
35YursaluFire & Smoke
36(Refrain) FabbiRemember Allah’s Favors
37Fa-ithaHeaven Splits & Becomes Red
38(Refrain) FabbiRemember Allah’s Favors
39FayawmaNo Question about sin
40(Refrain) FabbiRemember Allah’s Favors
41Yu-rafuCriminals & their marks
42(Refrain) FabbiRemember Allah’s Favors
43HathihiHell & Criminals
44YatoofoonaBoiling Water
45(Refrain) FabbiRemember Allah’s Favors
46Waliman2 Gardens for the fearful
47(Refrain) FabbiRemember Allah’s Favors
48ZawataSpreading Branches
49(Refrain) FabbiRemember Allah’s Favors
50Feehima2 Springs Flowing
51(Refrain) FabbiRemember Allah’s Favors
52FeehimaEvery Fruit in pairs
53(Refrain) FabbiRemember Allah’s Favors
54MutakkiSilk Brocade, Fruits hanging in the garden
55(Refrain) FabbiRemember Allah’s Favors
56FeehinnaWomen untouched
57(Refrain) FabbiRemember Allah’s Favors
58Ka-anna-hunnaRubies & Coral
59(Refrain) FabbiRemember Allah’s Favors
60Hal JazaGood for Good
61(Refrain) FabbiRemember Allah’s Favors
62Wamin2 Gardens
63(Refrain) FabbiRemember Allah’s Favors
64MudhammatanDark green in color
65(Refrain) FabbiRemember Allah’s Favors
66Feehima ayni2 Springs Sprouting
67(Refrain) FabbiRemember Allah’s Favors
68Feehima fakihaFruit, Date Palm, Pomegranate
69(Refrain) FabbiRemember Allah’s Favors
70FeehinnaGood-Beautiful Women
71(Refrain) FabbiRemember Allah’s Favors
72HoorunFair Beautiful Females
73(Refrain) FabbiRemember Allah’s Favors
74Lam Yatmith hunnaUntouched by Men or Jinn
75(Refrain) FabbiRemember Allah’s Favors
76Muttaki eenaReclining on Cushion & Fine Carpets
77(Refrain) FabbiRemember Allah’s Favors
78TabarakaOwner of Majesty & Honor

For many people, grouping the verses is the best method and is a method that can be used for your entire memorisation journey.

I advised a sister a few years ago to group and acronym when she struggled with the surah. Today it’s her strongest and easiest surah to recall. She said:

The mixing up starts from ayat 14. Ayat 14-18 is about Allah’s creation of mankind (الانسان) and jinn (جان) and Allah is the Rabb of east and west (رب المشرق). Ayat 19-25 talks about how 2 seas merge(مرج), there are pearls(لؤلؤ) and ships. Ayat 26-28 tells us everything (كل) is going to get over only Allah is eternal. For ayat 29-38 I took the first letters of each ayat (ي س ي ي ف – YASEEF. ) Ayat 39-45 talks about qiyamah, especially hell (i again took the first letters ( ف ي ه ي -FEEHE). Ayat 46-57 is about all those who fear (خاف) Allah will get Jannat and what all is there in it. Ayat 58-66 i took the first letters ( ك ه و م- KA H OO M).

Others have said, they’ve tried all of these methods but since they’ve learnt Arabic and have somewhat an understanding of the meanings, they find the grouping to be the best. The acronym method would come second to that, especially where you don’t know much Arabic. I found that interesting because the acronym method is used by Arabs themselves!

Everyone has their own struggle or ease. You can use any of these methods and apply them in situations where you find yourself struggling.

May Allāh grant blessing!

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