How A Couple Memorised Quran Together in 20 Days

This is the account of a couple that memorised the Qur’ān through sweat and effort, staying up till late, sacrificing other matters of life and giving preference to the Qur’ān during the month of Qur’ān (Ramadān).

The husband was a busy pharmacist and was writing his thesis for a Master’s degree as well. He was like many people who hear about a fast method that worked for someone and wanted to try it.

Here’s what he did

01 – Determine the routine

He set four hours per day for Hifz without setting a daily amount to memorise. It was time-based memorisation.

For the first 3 days, it was in different sittings throughout the day and then he changed it to one sitting after Fajr.

02 – Create a system

Before going to work the husband would prepare a spreadsheet with the page numbers to be memorised and 3 checkboxes:

  1. Read page [3] times.
  2. Mistakes or weaknesses per reading with notes.
  3. Read it off memory [3] times.

These became references for weak spots, revision and motivation.

03 – Crazy fast memorisation

They would repeat a page as much as needed, sometimes as little as 5 without looking for example. But it gradually became less over time.

So they began to learn more in the 4 hours they had. So much so that they did 50 pages on the last day! That’s almost 5 minutes per page. Insane right?

04 – Revision

What about revision? What about retention? They did have struggles but they began to do sets of 5-month revision periods in the same way. The more they did these revision sets, the better they had gotten each time.

So many stories of memorising Qur’ān in short periods of time

There’s something that I want you to know.

I share many methods, systems, and stories but I will always emphasise that slower memorisation with quality is always the best policy. Allāh gives to whom he wills in whatever way He wills. Whether that is fast or slow. We’re all different. People love a quick system but it’s a lot of effort regardless. Doing it faster often involves even more effort because the quicker something comes in, the faster it goes out (retention is harder). It’s not for everyone but the reason I share this story is because it shows us what is possible.

We learn the impact of sustained effort. Nothing is impossible with Allāh. Be proud of who you are. You are unique. This couple has a strong intent but didn’t expect this result. We learn that you can approach memorisation using time units instead of lines or pages. Learn what you can in the time you have. Be consistent in that. Start and remain on that and you’ll find yourself progressing. What do you think you could do in 4 hours?

This was a story that was passed on during the years 2009/2010 by the husband. It spread onto forums etc.

We hear many of these stories from various regions of the world. Just the other day I shared the story of Iyad from Palestine who did it in 20 days.

I want you to focus.

Don’t look at how long it took them.

Look at what you can learn.

Look at what can inspire you.

Look at what you can do to help you in your journey.

Think about this. We are always advised to seek good company right?

But when you are in good company, what do you do?

Many of us try to fault find or pick something out to talk about. What if you just sat with good company and observed what good Allāh has blessed them with? Pray for them. But then also self-reflection. Ask how can I gain this good quality? Ask the person how they attained it.

In the same way, all these stories should be treated like company. What did they do, how did they do it, how different am I but what can I learn from this experience?

Often every story has things we don’t hear about, we don’t know the afters or we don’t know the intricate details. But we don’t always need that. The framework can be enough.

The framework here is:

Find a time.
Specify a timeframe.
Stick to it.
Do as much as you can.
Keep going.

Allāh grant blessing.

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