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Imam Suhaib Webb: How I Memorized the Qur’an

People ask me what method I used to memorize the Quran. I’ll answer this in two parts. The first addresses memorization. The second addresses review: Teachers in al-Azhar used to say to me, “whoever memorizes five verses, rarely forgets them.” So, when memorizing, start with five verses. I had a classmate who memorized four pages…


Why You Are Revising The Wrong Way

This article comes at a time where I’m feeling annoyed. I’m not good like that because my students have to listen to my rants. Annoyed at something that I keep seeing time and time again. Way too many of you are making this mistake. Too many of you are ‘lazy’ about your Hifdh revision. What…

How to Review What You’ve Memorized of the Qur’an

I have tried numerous methods throughout my years of memorizing. Sometimes I would stop memorizing for months at a time and only focus on review (although this always failed when I didn’t have a teacher who could help me stay on track because I ended up wasting precious months without review or memorization).


How To Dominate Your Hifdh Revision

With Ramadan around the corner, many Huffadh get back into a revision routine. Others make plans, but nothing comes to fruition. I’ve had many people asking me to write about revision so here are some methods to help you