how to memorise the quran


📚 Everything you ever needed to know on how to memorise the Qur’ān

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A platform to cover everything that a ḥifẓ teacher and student would need at every stage of their journey. Qāri’ has always taught that anyone can memorise if they choose to do so. And with the right foundations, conditions, methods, strategies, and mindset they can succeed.

Qāri’ Mubashir has been teaching Qur’ān, Hifẓ, Tajwid, Arabic, and Islamic Studies in one way or another for 16+ years. He resides and teaches in Manchester, England where he also graduated in Law and studied the Islamic Sciences gaining Ijāzah in various Islamic sciences, disciplines, and texts. He completed Qur’ān memorisation in Cairo, Egypt (2006) where he was authorised in recitation. Spending time with the likes of Shaykh al-Qāri’ Ahmad Muḥammad ‘Āmir (May Allah grant him mercy), Shaykh al-Qāri ‘Abdul Rāziq Ṭahā ‘Ali al-Salkāwī, and Shaykh al-Qāri’ Yunus b. ‘Abd al-Ghanī al-Ghalbān from whom he was authorised with the worlds shortest chains.