An Easy Way To Memorise Forgotten Quran Before Ramadan

If you have previously memorised the Qur’ān but have forgotten it over time, don’t worry! Many schools follow a method that can help you regain your memorisation. This approach is particularly useful for those who wish to re-memorise the Qur’ān in time for Ramadān to lead the Tarāwīh prayers.

By implementing these steps, you can increase the chances of success in your journey to reconnect with the Qur’ān. It’s essential to start right away and not postpone this endeavour after Eid, which occurred three weeks ago at the time of writing.

Effective Steps to Regain and Memorise the Qur’ān for Tarāwīh Prayers in Ramadan

Preparing for success for this purpose essentially means that you have 10 months to a year in advance, to get ready.

Here’s what you could try.

Step 1: Re-establish the Habit of Reciting the Qur’ān

Before focusing on memorization, it is crucial to create a regular and consistent habit of reciting the Qur’ān. Dedicate your initial efforts solely to recitation and familiarising yourself with it again. By reciting the Qur’ān consistently, you will gradually regain your familiarity with its verses.

To begin, allocate time in the morning and evening to recite one juz’ (para) each session. This amounts to two juz’ daily. Feel free to adjust the routine according to your schedule, but ensure it becomes a fixed part of your daily routine.

By following to this practice, you will complete:

  • 2 full recitations of the Qur’ān within a month,
  • 4 within two months,
  • and 6 within three months.

You need to aim to achieve a minimum target of completing 6 entire readings of the Qur’ān through recitation.

You may also solely focus on reciting 1 juz’ a day up till at least 3 months.

Step 2: Daily Revision of a Single Juz’

This step requires dedication and perseverance. You need to put in really hard work.

After 6 months of consistent recitation, it is time to shift your focus to reciting a single Juz’ (para) daily. Aim to repeat each page as many times as possible by looking at the text. You can also attempt to recite without looking at the pages. Each page or side must have a number of repetitions—strive to exceed 10, 20, 30, or more repetitions as time permits. You more you do the better (in most cases).

During this step, your goal should be to complete 3 readings of the entire Qur’ān. This process will take an additional 3 months, effectively reaching the halfway point of the year-long journey.

By this stage, you should experience a remarkable increase in familiarity with the Qur’ān, along with improved speed and fluency.

Step 3: Memorisation and Recitation from Memory

Now it’s time to focus on reciting from memory and prioritising memorisation. If you encounter difficulties in recalling certain portions, it is recommended to memorise those sections first. The objective of this phase is to assess your level of memorisation and retention.

Aim to complete 3 full readings of the Qur’ān solely from memory.

Step 4: Recite to Others

In the remaining time, typically about a month before Ramadān, make it a goal to recite the Qur’ān to at least two or three times from cover to cover to someone else. This practice serves two purposes: it helps identify and rectify any mistakes in your recitation and boosts your confidence in delivering a flawless recitation.

You will be well prepared in time for next Ramadān.


By following these effective steps, you can significantly increase your chances of successfully regaining your Qur’ān memorisation and prepare yourself to lead the Tarāwīh prayers during Ramadān.

Remember, consistency and determination are key throughout this journey. Start reciting the Qur’ān regularly, recite one Juz’ daily with repetition of each page, progress to reciting from memory, and finally, gain confidence by reciting to others.

This is a great formula. If you ever use it, let me know how it goes.

Remember everything is a process

Do not despair. Focus on today. Focus on reconnection and making a new habit.

This begins with your heart and mind. Develop habit, love and sincerity by reading a juz’ daily by looking (and out loud). Engage with translations and Tafsir. Do this daily. Don’t be in a hurry. Present it before Allāh everyday and ask that He enable you to attain his words once again.

Continue reading a juz’ daily as a routine. On day 40 or 90 begin to re-memorise what you have forgotten. You will find it easier. You can do a page, a paragraph (ruku’) or a quarter (rub’) daily.

Do this until you reach your goal. Make sure that you get someone to listen to you too.

There is method is I have mentioned before that is recommended by Abu Bakr Shātrī and I have shared a similar method by Duraid Ibrahim. You would focus on a quarter alongside daily recitation of a Juz’, like:

  • Day 40 = 1/4 (new) + Daily juz’
  • Day 41 = 1/4 + 1/4 + Daily juz’
  • Day 42 = 1/4 + 1/4 + 1/4+ Daily juz’

I know it’s not easy but great things don’t happen without effort.⁣

May Allāh grant ease and blessing!

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