8 Quran Memorization Tips — For Short Surah

Eight Quran Memorization Tips — For Short Surah

1. Try to memorise early in the morning because your brain is fresh and you will be able to memorise more easily. Try it & see if this works for you; some people are not “morning people” (like me!) so try to figure out the best timing each day & stick to it

2. Repetition works wonders, repeat the verse/ page unlimited times until it’s stuck to your head. Consider downloading apps that allow you to keep repeating the same ayat for several rounds (The one I’m using is “Bayan Quran” for android).

3. Listen to the Surah you were memorising by your favourite Qari/Shaykh. This was an effective way for the person who gave this tip, but again, it depends on individual! I personally don’t have a favourite reciter, I use the default one in the app.

4. Recite LOUD. It helps.

5. Before you begin memorising, have a look at the translation of the verses and keep them in mind whilst reciting. Alternatively, have the translation & Arabic words prepared in little “placards” and bring them out with you to refer to while you’re outside.

6. Stop listening to music, or if you can’t stop straight away, try to reduce this habit. A shaykh once shared a story whereby a student was having trouble memorizing the Quran; he dropped his habit of listening to music and Alhamdulillah the task was eased.

7. Don’t give up! The process is going to be long and tiring, but once it gets into your head, wallahi, the experience is satisfying

8. Most importantly, istiqamah! Consistency is key. Set aside 10 minutes of your day on this task, or aim to memorize one ayat/ line per day.

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